Sunday, October 30, 2011

All the leaves are brown......

Here we are, six months after Emmett recieved his first pair of KAFO's and he is already needing a new pair.  Our little man took a growth spurt!  He is enjoying his wheels, and already thinking about Christmas.  Both of the boys have already figured out how to make momma go grey. 
This is how they venture around the house......Liam sits on the footrest, and walks/runs Emmett around in the wheelchair....zooooooooooooooom (please ignore the date.....somehow the camera reset itself....).

I wonder how we've gotten this far already. There is a procedure that could change Emmett's way of life, his independance and control of his own functions.  The ACE Malone involves taking a piece of the appendix, attaching it to the bowel, thus allowing an opening (button) on the skin where a catheter and enema could be applied (no more need for going in the exit hole).  They do not do this procedure at our local children's hospital. He would need a referral.  I will be speaking to them tomorrow about this.  This will be something to look into in the next couple of years.  As the fleet enema's are just not "doing it".

On a serious note, this past year has been a combination of things for us, it's been stressful, and happy.  Emmett ended up the hospital last month with a severe case of Hand Foot and Mouth......which tells me his immune system still is compromised.  I was hoping the bad gastro bug that hit him this spring would be the end of the hospital stays for this year.  His brother had the same thing and his body did not react as Emmett's had.  It was frightening, 4 days of Vanco, fever, pain, and monitoring.

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